Lee Sun-Shin, A Hero of Korea

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Yi Sun-Shin Today.

December 9, 2008 by jba8435 · No Comments · about lee sun-shin

Yi Sun Shin is one of Korea’s main heros in history.
Currently in south Korea, there are statues, parks, towers, places, buildings and more around South Korea in memory of him and his battles.

Yi and his turtle ships appear in the game – Age of Empires 2. However, for the purposes of balance, the turtle ships are wrong in two areas of the game: they are slow (in reality they’re incredibly quick) and they can only fire the cannon out of the dragons mouth/bow (the turtle ships actually fired broadsides and used in front as a flamethrower and ram).

From September 4, 2004 to August 28 2005, a 104 episode drama series was aired on KBS (South Korea). The show, titled 불멸의이순신, Immortal Yi Sun Shin in english, dealt mostly with the events related to the Japanese invasions of Korea, as well as the life of the admiral, played by Kim Myung-min, who later recieved the Best actors award for this role. It became a popular drama in China and was re-aired in in certain ethnic channels in the United Stated as well. The drama was criticized for the many artistic licenses taken such as depicting Yi was weak and lonely in his early life and taking liberties with the events surrounding his death. On the other hand, many people complomented the way the drama portrayed the drama with a more human touch.
It described the admiral as a true man who had to overcome many dangers and difficulties quite frequently alone, not just a hero among the clouds. This drama was a heated topic at the time since it overlapped with the time when the Koreans were offended by Japan declaring that Dokdo island was theirs eventhough Korean people have been living in Dokdo for a long time and there are proof from the history and  records from ages ago.

Yi Sun Shin has a ITF style Tae Kwon Do pattern named after his posthumous name of Chung-mu

a statue of Yi Sun Shin in front of South Korea\'s Dokdo island

a statue of Yi Sun Shin in front of South Korea’s Dokdo island.

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Yi Sun-Shin as a Young man

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Yi Sun-Shin as a young man
Yi Sun Shin was great at reading and writing but decided to take the military service examination and he started reading and studying the books about the soldiers to save his family and the people of Korea from the enemies and invaders of the north and south. Also he continued to learn horse riding, archery, fighting with a sword and spear by himself.

the military service examination
At the military service examination, Yi Sun-Shin impressed everyone with his archery, sword, spear skills. But in the last test – archery while riding a horse- His horse tripped and threw Yi Sun-Shin down onto the ground. Everone thought he would be dead but a while later he started moving, limped over to the willow tree, peeled the bark off, rolled it around his leg, walked back over to the horse and started riding it again. The people who were watching were very amazed but because of this incident he failed the test. But a while later he re-entered the examination and passed.

potrait of Yi Sun Shin

Potrait of Yi Sun Shin

Yi was posted to the “Bukbyeong” (“northern frontier army”) military district in Hamgyeong province. There, Yi experienced battles defending the border settlements against the Jurchen marauders. Yi quickly became known for his strategy and leadership. However, his brilliance and accomplishments so soon in his career made his superiors jealous, and they falsely accused him of desertion during battle. His military rank was stripped, and he was imprisoned and tortured. After his release, Yi was allowed to fight as a common soldier. After a short period of time, however, he was appointed as the commander of the Seoul Hunryeonweon (military training center) and was later transferred to a small county, to be its military magistrate.

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Yi Sun-Shin’s Birth and Childhood

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Yi Sun-Shin was born on the 28th of April 1545 in a place called Marunnegol(마른네골), lHansung(한성) in Korea, which is now located in Inheon-dong(인현동), Jungu(중구), Seoul(서울), South Korea.

Yi Jeong(이 정) is Yi Sun Shin’s father and Beon Su-rim(변수림) is his mother. They had 4 sons- Hee-Shin(희신), Yo-Shin(요신), Sun-Shin순신, Woo-Shin(우신) and Sun-Shin was the 3rd son.Their family is part of the Deok-Su Yi clan   (덕수이씨 가문).

a mounment located around Yi Sun-Shin\'s birthplace

(above) monument located around Yi-Sun-Shin’s birthplace


When Yi Sun-Shin was 8

years old, he moved to Asan(아산), Chuumgnam(충남).There he spent his childhood playing war games with other local boys, acting as the leader of his team. He showed great leadership at a young age and always had good plans. As the leader of his team he usually made new plans out of the plans he had read in books.

A new operation will be ordered today. the upper village soldiers(kids) will be in charge of attacking the enemies who come to attack and the lower village soldiers(kids) will be in charge of the defence. We will set our base by dividing the soldiers in charge of defence in haif. One half will set our base behind the trees and the other half will set it down by the bottem of the stream. We should win as there is a stram behind us and the enemies would’nt be able to attack from behind. This is called the ‘multiple of the base(배수의 진)’. This plan (setting a base with a river or stream behind) has caused alot of victories in the past years.” – Young Yi Sun-Shin, as the leader of his team while playing the war games.

Yi Sun-Shin also constructed and fletched his own bow and arrows as a teenager.

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